Tuesday, June 3, 2008

crazy sub day yesterday

So... I actually missed a day of blogging yesterday. I was very busy all day long.

I went to Northwest Middle School to sub for a science teacher. When I got look around the room told me that the teacher was a SLOB. There were piles of unorganzed paper laying on her desk, on the counters, on tables, and even on the floor. I looked everywhere for sub plans with no luck. So I went over to the teacher next door (since it was middle school the teachers are on teams) who was my teacher's teammate. She looked around and didn't find anything either. So, she tried to call the teacher with no luck. So.. she said the VP would be down to help me (the room was in the basement) Then she came back to tell me that the VP wasn't coming.

So what did I do????
Another 8th grade teacher send me an assignment. She told me to have the students write a story about "Timmy the Chromatin" who is about to undergo mitosis. Sounds ok, right? Well I thought so until the 1st group of students had no idea what mitosis or chromatin even was!! I got out their text books and there was nothing about mitosis even in there!! So I wrote a note to that other 8th grade science teacher and asked if she could send down some texts with Mitosis info in them. She did, so the 2nd group of students did much better.

When I got home from school Jesse and I went to the pool for a little while. It was REALLY hot and the sun felt like it was blazing, but the pool water was kinda cold.

Jesse spent the whole day yesterday helping Lester pack all his stuff into a moving truck. Lester was just pulling out of the parking lot when I got home from school around 2:30. So the Conn's are gone now.

Jesse is so depressed that Lester is gone. He lost his sports buddy. He's been moping around since he left.

Anyway...last night I worked out. I ran 3.5 miles on the treadmill and then did Level 2 of my Jillian Michael's DVD. Afterwards, we had dinner and then Jesse and I went to Walmart. I can't remember what time we got home, but by the time I was finished with shopping and putting the groceries away I WAS DOG TIRED!! So I went straight to bed while Jesse watched the Stanley Cup Finals.
Today wasnt as interesting.....I went to the Barrel....came home....worked out (level 1 & 3 of Jillian)...cooked dinner...and thats all.

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