Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This has been the craziest few days!!! I haven't had time to blog at all. I still have a lot of stuff to do, but I need a short break.

The last time I posted was Wednesday and we were in the Outer Banks.

On Thursday we went over to the pool and enjoyed the sunshine. I was just getting hot and wanting to get in the pool when I found out that they were closing the pool for 3 hours! Evidently someone puked in the deep end and they had to skim it out, add chemicals, and let all the water cycle through the filters before letting anyone get back in.

So we just stayed and laid out. I got in the baby pool to cool off.

Jesse and I left the OBX at around 2 pm. He drove the whole way back and I finished off my James Patterson book, "The Beach House." Wow, that one is my favorite so far. I read it in less than 24 hours.

On Thursday night Mike and Alyson came to Winston and stayed with us. We went to dinner at Qdoba's. I had 3 chicken tacos that were very good!

On Friday the boys loaded up the truck and I cleaned...booo. It sucked. I did a good job so we better not be charged for anything on our deposit.

When we started to drive back a HUGE MONSTER storm blew in and we had to drive in it. I just got out of my car for 3 seconds to turn in our apartment keys and I was soaked. Jesse had to take out some trash and he was DRENCHED!

It was a scary drive. It was storming like crazy in Winston and then it rained from Princeton to home. Kitsy and I made it though!

Friday night we spent the night at my parents with the truck parked outside. Then on Saturday morning we unloaded the truck in our new place!! Jesse's mom and John, her husband, Brian, and Jeremy helped us. I started unpacking...and I'm still working on it.

On Sunday I was excited because we finally got our washer and dryer hooked up and I really needed to do laundry. So I started to wash a load and I walked upstairs to get more clothes. I took a little longer than normal because I got distracted by something...and when I walked down the stairs I heard the water still running. I thought, "That's odd." So I went to the kitchen where our laundry closet is and there was about 3 inches of water all over the floor!! I screamed for Jesse and turned the water off.

We started towelling it all up and I drove over to Mike's house to get his wet-vac. Then we got it all sucked up.

We decided to give Jesse's mom our old set of washer and dryer and see if her husband, John, who is a plumber, can fix it.....and we went to Best Buy and bought a new set.m Unfortunately it won't be delivered until next Wednesday.

I took my laundry over to my Mom's house...and during my 4th load the electricity went out. After that, the dryer wouldn't come back on!! Somehow I managed to break a washer and a dryer in the same day!!

Today I got up and ran around a nearby neighborhood. Since then I've been working on the house....and playing with my new cell phone. Jesse and I got new silver LG Shines. I've been shopping for a case for it! :) I really like my new phone. My old one was over 2.5 years old and almost embarrassing...hahaha!

ok... I guess I need to get back to work now.

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