Thursday, July 3, 2008

pretty much done

Well, I think I'm now pretty much done with unpacking. Now I just need to organize my closets. I worked on my closet today. I wanted to do Jesse's closet too, but I didn't make it that far.

We borrowed my dad's old pickup truck and drove to South Charleston. We picked up a desk that Jesse bought for his new office.

Later we drove to A.C. Moore to buy some canvases. I'm going to paint them for Jesse's office. I'm really excited to have an art project!!

Tomorrow is the 4th of July....and I think its going to rain. We may have a cook-out during the day, but its supposed to rain later on I think. We'll see. I'm kinda bummed about the cookout thing...cause I don't feel like I should be eating fatty hamburgers and definately NOT hotdogs (even though I'd love me a Hebrew National hotdog!! yummmm!) Maybe I'll JUST eat one hotdog and nothing else. Or.... maybe I'll grill me a chicken breast. Thats what I should do.

well...this computer's battery is about to die. So I guess that means I should sign out.

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