Thursday, July 17, 2008


another day of doing nothing! I'm not complaining... I kinda like doing nothing.

I've been talking to Debbie Clark, a manager at Cracker Barrel this whole week, trying to get me ready to work next week. I found out today that I work on Monday, Thursday and Friday. I'm not happy or upset about it. I just hope it doesn't suck too bad! haha....

I laid out on my back deck and got some sun. I read my newest James Patterson novel, Sail. Its good so far! :)

Then I did my favorite leg workout DVD....

umm.... later I watched So You Think You Can Dance....and I was kinda upset with the results. I think Comfort and Mark should have gone home, rather than Kherington and Gev!! As long as its not Katee or Joshua then I'm happy! :)

Now... I'm just chillin' and hoggin' the computer from Jesse...hehehe..

(I better go now.)

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