Friday, July 11, 2008

Momma Got Some New Shoes!!

Yesterday was a great day! I was busy doing stuff all day long. I meant to blog last night and I just never got around to it.

First of all yesterday I got up and did my Self: Sculpt Sexy Legs Fast DVD workout.

Then Jesse and I shipped out my returned Nike running shoes to Zappo's. By the way... is a GREAT place to buy shoes. Its free shipping and they let you ship them back for free up to 365 days later as long as they are in the original condition. They are known for outstanding customer service. I also found another good shoe site called This site gives you free shipping and free return shipping, too...but they have to be back within 90 days, but you can try them out!! They don't have to be in original condition. They say you can even run in them!! The only catch with them is that you have to exchange the shoe, if you want a refund then they subtract a fee (like 6 or 7 dollars) from your refund.

Ok....anyway. We were gonna go over to Jesse's sister Sarah's house. She and her husband, Jay, work during the day but Jesse's mom stays there with their daughter. I wanted to lay out in my 'kini on their back deck. wasn't very sunny.

So I decided I wanted to go to the Huntington Mall to try on some running shoes. We went in Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, Kid's Foot Locker, the Shoe Dept., Champs, and any and every shoe store I could find. Last we went into the Finish Line (ironically).

I saw an Adidas shoe that I liked in there. I asked the sales guy if he had a size 6 and, of course, they start at size 6.5. So I tried that on and it was way too big.

So, I looked at the girls shoes. They had 2 Adidas shoes that I liked in the little girls. They were kinda funky looking, but I asked for a size 5 in one of them. They felt pretty good...and I got up to go look at the other one. The sales guy says, "You won't like that one as much." So I took his word for it and bought the first ones. They were originally marked 85 dollars, but it said they were on sale for 70. When I went to pay (after the guy tried to get me to buy 12 dollar socks and weatherproofing spray) the shoes were only 50 dollars!!!!! I was really happy!

On the way home we stopped at Sarah's house to hang out with Jesse's mom for a bit. We ended up staying for awhile. I had a lot of fun playing with Caylan.

Then we came home and put my new shoes on! I went upstairs to the treadmill and ran a quarter mile with my regular clothes on. I couldn't wait to try them out. So then I got changed into my running clothes and I ran 5 miles without stopping for the first time ever!! I really really really LOVE these shoes!!

At firsst I thought they were kinda wierd looking, but now I really like them!!

After my loooong run, Jeremy came over and hooked up our dryer. YAY! I washed 3 loads of clothes last night. I thought I had even more that than but this washer is pretty big!! The dryer works super fast too! I'm really happy that we have new ones now!!

Of course I watched So You Think You Can Dance last night...and I was so happy because Joshua and Katie were NOT in the bottom 3. I was sad to see Thayne go but I think the Judges made the right decision.

Also my cell phone cover arrived in the mail yesterday. I immediately snapped the back cover on, but I couldn't get the front cover to go on at all. I think it was broke. I don't know..and I really don't care because the silver stars were peeling off of the cover!! It looked terrible! I would have sent it back anyway. So...I think I'm going to exchange it for a rubberized black case, because I HATE those tacky little peeling stars. I could have put stickers on it and it would have looked better than that! It made me mad that it was such a piece of trash. Plus, it took it 10 days to get here from California. I bet it'll be a month before I get the other one!!

Enough ranting.... I guess I should go find something to do.

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love the shoes :)