Monday, July 28, 2008

crash & burn

So..I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance on Thursday evening (I'm still confused how Will got sent home and not Mark!!!)...and playing on the Internet. Jesse went bike riding with his brother, Mike.

At around 11 pm I started to get a little worried about them. Then Jesse pulls his car into his spot and walks in the front door. He says, "Before you freak out. I had a wreck and I'm really hurt"

So the first thought in my head was that he was in a car wreck and I was looking for broken bones, etc. But he had a bicycle wreck...and he was pretty beat up.

He was going really fast down the hill on Rt. 34 in Hurricane in front of the Reservoir. There weren't any cars coming so he pulled out onto the road to give Mike some more room. The problem came when he tried to pull back onto the curb.

He has a huge scrape on his shoulder...he scraped his palms....he got both his knees...a little on his lower back....a scrape on his right temple....and a gash on his chin. He had to pick a little rock out of his knee! Yuck! I guess he hit his head pretty hard because he was acting weird, too. I was afraid that he might have a slight concussion.

Well... he's doing better now but he still looks pretty bad. I took these photos tonight (Monday)

Today I went to Cracker Barrel from 11 to 4. Well, at least I was scheduled off at 4. I couldn't leave until 3 fat cows got out of my section at 5 pm!
ok ok, they weren't REALLY fat cows, but they were fat, rude women that got seated in my section at a little after 3 pm. They told me right off that the last time they were there they had bad service, had to send their steaks back a bunch of times, and got soda spilled on them. I don't know if I beleive them.... they just wanted everything for free. It was RIDICULOUS!!
They ordered 3 well done Ribeye steaks...with house salads and baked potatoes. When their steaks came out (I made sure they were WELL done) they complained that they were dry! Maybe you should order them Medium if you like juicy meat! People are so stupid. One lady asked for her butter and sour cream ON THE SIDE....and then asked for extra. Whats the point of having it on the side?!?!?! I honestly think she saved the butter and took it home with her.
They just kept asking for biscuits. At one point I had brought out a TON of bread already when one old hag asked for more. I brought her one biscuit on a plate and she said, "Are you out of bread or something back there? Why'd you only bring one?" I was shocked that anyone could eat more (I had just brought out each woman an apple dumplin' for dessert!) and I said, "Do you need more?" and I know I sounded amazed. hahaha.... Then they had the nerve to ask for 4 biscuits in a to go box.
These people left with a shopping bag FULL of food.
I have been waiting tables for almost 5 years and Ive never seen people like that! It was awful. I hope they choke on it. I had to keep telling myself, "What goes around comes around."
As a matter of fact, when they got up..the table beside them even commented about them to me. Oh yeah, they kept me there for an hour over my scheduled shift..and only left me 2 dollars!! Their bill...even though they didn't pay ANY of it...was 55 dollars. Yeah that's a tip of 3.6%. Thanks a lot ladies!
ok ok.... enough about them.
After work Jessica came over and we did a new workout DVD that I got from the library. Its called Kathy Smith Matrix Method. I like it a lot. After she left I ran 4 miles on the treadmill (good stress reliever)...took a shower....and cooked dinner.
Tomorrow I'm training someone at CB.... and I have to work 10 to 4.

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