Friday, August 1, 2008

have I given up on the blog?

Jesse looked at me tonight and said..."I guess you've given up on the blog?" and I said "No, there's just not a lot going on right now"

So I haven't been writing a lot lately..... but really I've just been going to Cracker Barrel, coming home, exercising with Jessica, running, making dinner, and then going to bed.

Last night, though, Jesse and I went to his sister Sarah's house. His grandfather had a heart attack this weekend so a lot of his family was in...some from out of state. So they all got together last night at Sarah's. We hung out for awhile on Sarah and Jay's back deck.

After that I came home and watched So You Think You Can Dance. I was very happy with Joshua's performances! and then tonight on the results show...he made it on to the FINALE next week!

Tomorrow I have to work from 9 to 3 and I'm kinda depressed that I have to wake up that early! Someone asked me if I could come in 7 am! I said, "Don't think I can do that" 7 am is WAY too early, that would mean I'd have to leave here at 6:30!

I guess I better go to bed now.

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