Sunday, July 20, 2008

weekend = no time 4 blog

I had a really fun weekend....or maybe it just seemed really fun because I had a really boring week! :)

Friday wasn't too exciting. I cooked yummy beef stroganoff in the slow cooker..

Saturday we slept in a little...and then I picked some James Patterson books that I reserved online at the library. (YAY!!) Then.... Brian and Jessica came over and the boys played tennis and then we went over to Alyson's dad's house to swim in his pool...which was very fun!

After that Jessica and I came back to my house and did my Self:Sculpt Sexy Legs Fast DVD.

Then I had to hurry and get ready for my Grandma's 70th Birthday party! It was at my parent's house... my aunts and uncles and cousins were there...even one great-aunt and uncle. We had a ton of food and I probably ate half of it! haha...ok, not really but I felt that way. My mom made fruit salad and I think I could probably eat my weight in fruit salad. (In fact there are still leftovers in my fridge right now!)

Sunday we went to church at Maranatha and then to my mom's house for our typically sunday lunch. After that we stopped by Brian & Jessica's for just a sec....They were painting their bedroom.

Then back home to get ready for Cracker Barrel in the morning!

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