Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, Abagail!

This morning I was up and kinda just hanging out when I got a call from my friend, Kaylyn. We had been trying to get together and today we decided to go to Rio for lunch. It was soooo yummy! I had the Nachos Fajitas Jr....a deal at $4.75. It was great! So we enjoyed our time together and I gave her a little gift as a thank you/graduation present. She helped me this past semester while I was out of the state. She entered some of my artwork into Marshall's Student Juried Show (where I won $100)

After our lunch date... I watched Oprah and ran on the treadmill. Still LOVING my shoes!!

Today is my niece's 4th birthday! At around 6 we loaded up in Mike & Alyson's minivan with Emma, Abagail, & Hannah and headed down to Barboursville. First we stopped at Subway and had a little dinner. (Jesse and I split a prime rib sub...OMG, its so good!!) I entertained the girls by taking some pictures.

Then we headed to Billy Bob's. We had a good time playing. They had a new game based on Deal or No Deal and we (adults) had a good time playing that one! :)

Here's the Birthday Girl!!

Here they were singing "Herman the Worm"along with Billy Bob

(By the way....this is Jesse wearing his dad's helmet. Jesse can't have a motorcycle because he'd kill himself)Say hello to Caylan!.......

This is Jesse and Jaiden... he's a hefty lil guy.

After all that fun, we went over to a little playground and played some more!

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