Sunday, September 14, 2008

weekends over already

Friday I thought FOR SURE I'd get a job. But I didn't!! I know teachers take Mondays and Fridays off more often than any other day....but I didn't get a call on Friday and so far I haven't got a job for tomorrow. (well, take that back,... I got offered a job for tomorrow to teach Elementary School BD (Behavior Disorder) kids and I turned it down..oh, no...thats just not for me!)

So.. I might not work tomorrow.

But the good news is that I did get a phone call about a three day job on Wed, Thurs, and Friday this week! YAY! And I got two jobs for the same Art teacher that I subbed for last Wednesday...but they are for later in September and one in October. YAY! Things are looking much better now!

Now I'm feeling bad for calling Putnam Co. sub system a "redneck" system. But at least I got to use all those photos. :)

I got an email tonight from a Family Practice Doctor in Ashland or Huntington that asked me if I could teach private art lessons to her kid. Thats exciting, huh?

We'll see what becomes of that!

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