Sunday, September 28, 2008

sUgaR buZz!!!

Church this morning was really good. God ministered to my heart...and I really needed it.

After church we went to my parents house... my honey bun cake made the trip with us.

We hung out there for awhile...then went to Jesse's sister Sarah's house in Hurricane for Jesse's Mom's birthday. She got a digital camera and she loved it! :)

We layed around and watched a little football...Jesse was so happy that his Redskin's won!

After that we came home....and I ate a ton of those pretzels I made...and a bunch of peanut/candy corn mix (which I <3, it tastes like a Payday bar) until I felt sick.

I did my leg workout DVD...and worked on updating and adding to my playlist at which I can only hope you are enjoying as you read this blog! I know I enjoy it!!! But of course I am the one picking it out.

I haven't got a sub job call yet...which is strange because its a Monday....OK, thats a lie. I did get one call...but it was for an MI (Mentally Impaired for those of you who don't speak teacher) class at Buffalo Elementary and it was only for half a day starting at 7:15 am! I decided to reject that one!! We'll see if I get another call!! I may end up with the day off tomorrow.

On tuesday I have 2 half-day jobs at 2 different thats gonna be crazy. PLUS, I gotta work at the stupid barrel. blah.

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