Thursday, September 4, 2008

doing nothing...still busy

Lately I haven't been working (because I'm waiting for Putnam Co. to get me set up in their substitute teacher system!) but I still feel like I've been very busy. Its funny but I find more time to blog when I'm working.

So...this week has been fun! I enjoy not working..hahaha.

On Monday... which was Labor Day... We all (Jesse's family) went to Jesse's Mom's house in Charleston..... We had a cook-out and swam in the pool. A bunch of them (not me) took rides on John's 6-wheeler out in the woods. It was a good time.

After that...we all came back to Teays Valley and the boys played baseball at the Valley Park. While that was going on some of the ladies took Luke (Mike & Alyson's dog) over to the Wave Pool for the Annual Dog Swim. It was CRAZY over there! I never would have imagined that SOOOOOO many people would bring their dog to swim in a pool. It was so crowded...there were dogs jumping over the edge....fetching floaty toys...crapping in the shallow end! was insane. You couldn't have paid me to get in that water.

On Tuesday.... Jesse and I went to the library and then we hung out with his Mom who was babysitting Caylan at Sarah & Jay's house. On Tuesday night I made (a healthier version of)Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Casserole and a delicious salad. It was all so good, in fact, that we decided to have leftovers on Wednesday night too.

On Wednesday I decided that I wanted to drive to Marshall so I could use their computers. I needed a web publishing program and access to my V-drive. I want to make a website for my new Mural Painting business that I'm calling "Murals By Erin" (Even though its against the acceptable use policy at Marshall to host a business website on their server, Ooops!....its only temporary... I'm going to buy a domain name eventually)

Well, I made a website and it looks really REALLY good ( I think) but when I got home and tried to pull it up the links don't work.

If you are can view the sites...just realize that the links don't work.

I can't wait to get it all up and running. I need some more business!! :) Let me know if anyone wants a MURAL!!

Also.... please notice that I have placed a "Followers" gadget on my blog. Its in the top-ish right hand corner-ish. If you read my blog... click the link, its pretty cool!! Thanks!

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