Monday, September 22, 2008

last day of 4 day job

nothing exciting happened today at school....but after school I met my friend Amy at the park and we ran together. I hadn't really seen her since high school so it was great to chat even if we were out of breath! We are gonna do it like once a week or so. YAY!!!

After that Jesse and I cooked grilled chicken for dinner. Then we watched some TV (even though there was nothing good on but Dancing with the Stars and I don't like that show) and then we went to get gas (cause Jesse said the price was gonna go up tomorrow) Then we got ice cream cones from McDonald's and stopped by his mom's house.

I haven't got a phone call for tomorrow yet...and I'm hoping that I don't!!!! hahaha... cause I have to work at the Barrel tomorrow night. Hopefully it will be my last night there for awhile..... maybe ever. Plus tomorrow I REALLY need to get my car inspected and my oil changed...AND I need to go to the grocery store!!

Now...time for bed!


Anonymous said...

Brian said that if I didnt learn how to run I was going to lose my friend. :( haha

Erin said...

aw, Jessica...that is NOT true :) But it would help!