Sunday, September 7, 2008


Right now I'm very irritated with the phone call system thingie that Putnam County BOE uses for their substitutes!!

First of all...the lady I interviewed with on the 28th told me that someone would call me and tell me when I was set up in the system and they would tell me what my "access ID" would be.

So.. .I waited all last week.

No phone calls.

So, I called the sub help desk on Friday morning and the lady said... "Oh, all you need to do is call the system and enter your Access ID to set up your account." I said, "I knew I had to do that, but I don't know what my Access ID is." and she says, "Oh, its just your phone number!"


Why didn't the first lady tell me that!?!!?

Anyway... I got that set up on Friday so Monday should be my first day subbing.

Jesse and I got home today around 6:15pm. I wanted to go for a run. So I checked my little sub info. sheet and it said that the system started calling for the next day at 7 pm on sundays. So I thought that I had enough time for a short run, right?

So... I left around 6:30 and I knew I needed to be back around 7, but I don't have a watch..... So I ran 3 miles and figured that was probably around 7.

I walked in the door and immediately grabbed my phone. It was 7:08 pm. AND I ALREADY HAD 2 MISSED PHONE CALLS!

I thought "WOW, I will get a job tomorrow!" YAY! and Its so much easier when you know about it the night before!

but... since that 2nd phone call that I missed.. I haven't got a single call!! AHHHHH!

I don't like this phone call thing. It was SO much better in W/S when I could pick a job from the internet.

Right now... I feel like Putnam Co. has a "redneck" substitute phone system.

Redneck TimeOut

Redneck Doorbell

Look Closely..... Redneck Tank Top

How does that happen I wondered....and then I realized that the lady wearing this masterpiece must have forgot her own tank top for the tractor-pull so she had her old man take off his scivies behind the porta potties and lend her his jack knife. Ewwwww…

hahaha.... ok, back to my life.

I'm a very organized person... I like to have all my ducks in a a matter of fact, I can't STAND not having my ducks in a row. haha....

So, this not knowing...until I get a phone call in the early morning is HARD on me. I guess I'll get used to it.

So... change of subjects

I found this really funny blog called Cake Wrecks. Its about cakes that are screwed up, strange, or just wrong. I laughed HARD. You should really check it out!

and again... if you are reading this and you like to read my blog, you should become a follower.

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