Thursday, September 11, 2008

1st & 2nd Sub Jobs in Putnam Co.

On Wednesday I went to Poca High School and subbed for the Art teacher there. It was a really good experience. Everyone there was super nice and sweet. The VP herself walked me up to my classroom and unlocked the door. I had a good day. 1st & 2nd blocks had about 23-25 students but 3rd block only had 11. After 3rd block I assumed that I would be able to leave since 4th block was the teacher's planning period.

So I walked down to the office with all of my things. I went to the secretary and told her that I was finished for the day, handed her my sub-folder, and asked if there was anywhere else that they needed me. She wasn't sure but she went to go ask the VP. The VP told her that they might need me and asked me to go sit in the teachers lounge next door. So I did that...and then I chatted with another teacher who I happened to go to school with back in the day.

15 or 20 minutes later.... I'm still sitting in there waiting...and thinking, "Gee, if they really NEED me, why am I sitting here?"

So I walked back in to the office....and the secretary says that the VP must have forgot about me. So we walked to her office but the door was closed.... bad news. She was in a meeting with some troublemaker and what appeared to be his grandmother. Great... So now I didn't want to just bail....but I was contemplating it. When I finally got to talk to her, she said that they didn't need me after all. So I left. My last class was over at 1:55 pm. I sat down in my car at 2:50pm. Almost an hour.....sheeeeesh.

I had a terrible headache when I got home...but I went for a jog anyway. I had a feeling it would make me feel better...and I was absolutely right! I only ran about 4 or 4.5 miles.

I got another call at around 6:40 last night. Jesse answered it and wouldn't let me hear what it was. He accepted it and didn't tell me what it was!!

I had to call back to hear where and what I'd be doing. The recording said, "Hurricane High School, 7:45 - 11:32 am," Then it said the teachers name and she said what she teaches... which sounded like a huge mumble. Jesse knew the teacher and knew what she taught the whole time cause he went to school at Hurricane. I'm still not sure what she said on that recording, but she teaches Language Arts to students who are BD or LD and maybe MI.

I was scared to go at first....but it wasn't too bad. I was hoping that she'd be a traveling co-teacher (cause those jobs are cake since theres another teacher in the room!) But...she had her own classroom. There was an aide in the room for the 2nd block....but he slept the whole time!!!
And then when he did wake up he went and got a lunch and ate. Then he took his tray out of the class and never came back.

Luckily the students were very well behaved, especially the 2nd block. After 2nd block, I got to leave! What a short day!

I went over to the valley park and attempted to run after that. It was too hot! Plus, I never run very well over there because of the soft gravel trails and of course the massive hills.

When I got home...I ate some lunch and then did my Jillian DVD again. I'm getting much better at Level 2. My arms used to shake and I used to follow the "beginner" chick. But now, I'm following the "advanced" chick and I'm doing GOOD! So.. I think it may be time to move on to the dreaded Level 3!!!

Now... I am just waiting on the phone to ring and tell me where I'm going to teach tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that I'll get a job for tomorrow since it is Friday! So far calls.

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