Monday, September 8, 2008

Hypocrite Oprah Refuses to Interview Gov. Sarah Palin

Hypocrite Oprah Refuses To
Interview Governor Sarah Palin

After She Endorses Obama

Sound Off! Tell Oprah What You Think

The popular television talk show queen Oprah Winfrey said she will not interview hockey mom and Vice Presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin because she does not want her show to be used "as a platform for any of the candidates." She made that decision after Sen. Barack Obama (D-Il) appeared on her show and received her endorsement.

It doesn't take Dr. Phil to figure out this is wrong. I've been concerned about the new age stuff on her show, but I didn't think she would be so obvious about her bias. Her actions prove she is just another liberal hypocrite.

Oprah's television show, her magazine and entire media empire have been built on the illusion that she supports honoring the accomplishments of all women, and that she believes in fairness and impartiality. Now, the world knows she is not the advocate she claims to be. Her decision to exclude Gov. Palin from appearing on her show demonstrates that she operates by a lower standard than she espouses in her various business outlets.

Oprah's refusal to interview the first woman to be chosen by the Republican Party as its Vice Presidential candidate can mean only one thing – she puts Obama's interests ahead of the interests of her viewers.

The liberal media are doing everything within their power to embarrass Gov. Palin and her beautiful family. Oprah should not be a part of that lynch mob.

Oprah needs to hear from you immediately. Contact Oprah and encourage her to 'change' her wrong decision and invite Gov. Palin to appear on her show.

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