Monday, September 29, 2008

half days are great days!

I worked a half day today at Poca Middle. I got a bunch of calls but I kept turning them down because they were all TERRIBLE! So, I had basically decided at 9 am that I wasn't going to work today. But then I got a call to do Social Studies at Poca Middle from 11:30 to 3:15. So I took that one...and I'm glad I did. It was an easy day. The kids were excellent. They just sat there quietly and did their work! Can you believe that? CRAZY! We even had a fire drill and they were good!

So... I got home around 3:35 and then I went to Valley Park to run with Amy. Which was lotsa fun. We ran around 4 to 4.25 miles today.

On the way there I got a phone call from the secretary at Poca High School...She said that the teacher I'm working for tomorrow in the morning needed to take the whole day off now...and she wanted to know if I could work. I told her that I would gladly cancel the other assignment that I had. So I did! Which I'm SO happy about because it was going to be crazy hard (not to mention stressful) trying to drive from Poca High to Winfield Middle in 5 minutes...hahaha!
So now I'm just doing the whole day at Poca! And I really like working at Poca. And even better than that the teacher I'm subbing for has 4th block planning! It doesn't get any better than that!
Especially because I have to be at Cracker Barrel at 5....Thankfully, this will be my last week there until the last week in October. I still enjoy working there (on occasion) but I just HATE driving all the way down there in the evenings. I underestimated the sucky-ness when I signed up for it.
After running, I cooked a really good (if I may say so myself) dinner. It was spicy blackened tilapia with lime juice, roasted cajun potatoes, and pan-fried fresh green beans w/pecans. YUM! I loved it, I don't know if Jesse was extremely crazy about it.
After I cleaned up my very messy kitchen...Jesse and I went for a long walk. We walked from our place all the way to Hurricane City Park and back, of course. Then we watched a NEW episode of my favorite show, How I Met Your Mother....
Now I can't believe its 10:15!! It feels much later to me, I guess I'm going to bed pretty early tonight!

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