Tuesday, September 9, 2008

3rd days the charm!

So today... I didn't substitute but I did work at Cracker Barrel from 5 to 8. It was a pretty decent night even though I rolled 2 pans of silver, was on middle Delfield and the "front round," as we like to call it. I made close to 40 dollars. (I rolled 2 pans as opposed to the typical 1 pan, because another girl's fake fingernail ripped off taking with it her real fingernail...which made it very hard for her to roll silver. So I was nice and made a deal with her, she racked it all...and I rolled it all)

While I was there I had my phone calls forwarded to Jesse's phone in case I got called for a sub job for tomorrow.

So... when I got out of Cracker Barrel I had a text message from Jesse that said "Got you a job for tomorrow" So I called him and I will be subbing for an Art teacher tomorrow! Yippee!! It made me sing, "Goodie Goodie Gumdrops, My heart is doing flip flops!"

So... tomorrow night I'm sure you will get the pleasure of learning about my first day subbing the great state of WV.

until then...

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