Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a funny thing happened.... in an otherwise terrible school day

Tuesday... I worked for the Art teacher at a High School today. I thought I was lucky because this teacher had 4th period planning...but I was wrong! As soon as I walked in the door the principal called for me to come into the office. They told me they needed me for 4th block in another classroom because they were short a sub. GREAT! So I had to stay all day.

When I got up to the Art classroom I saw that the teacher left plans for us to have a Gesture Drawing session, with students posing up on the tables for other students to draw. I thought it sounded kinda fun! So... 1st block went very well and I saw a few fairly decent drawings. This is when the funny thing happened.

I had a student sitting in a chair up on the table. He volunteered (which in this class, no one really wanted to pose) so he was sitting there...with these huge, funky white super-star looking sunglasses on. When he climbed up on the table I noticed that he had a ankle braclet on from where he's under house arrest. I found this interesting, but he had never given me any trouble.
Anyway.... he's sitting on a chair on the table. Posing. Looking really serious...and trying not to move with big white sunglasses on and a kind of defiant look on his face.

In the Art classroom there are windows that look out onto the back hallway.

The ISS teacher walked in the room and was looking for the regular Art teacher. (Who, by the way, is a 6 foot tall man with grayish hair and a beard) When she looked around she didn't see any teacher but she did see this student sitting ina chair, up on the table. I never noticed her, because I was walking around the room looking at their drawings.

A couple minutes later I see her talking to another male teacher in the hallway. They are looking in the classroom at my Gesture drawing model. I think you might be able to see where this is going....

The male teacher is getting angry. I can see it all over his face. But at this point, I'm not really sure why.

They start to walk over to the hallway where the door to my classroom is located. They walk in and before I can get their attention....and the guy says, "Where's Coach Nelson? Get down offa that table."

I waved at them (with my SUB name badge on) and told them that I asked this student to sit on the table. I explained that the other students were drawing him.

The ISS teacher apologizes and says that she came in looking for their teacher, but she didn't see a teacher cause I "blended in."


That was the only thing amusing (to me) that happened all day...

The 2nd block class was horrible. I had to move one kids to another seat because he couldn't stay seated and he pulled the metal piece out of a ruler and was swinging it around. One boy threw another kids hat across the room. So, the other kid grabbed him around the neck in a choke-hold. It was a terrible hour and a half of dealing with immature brats.

3rd block was MUCH better. There are only 10 or 11 students in there.

4th block was actually fun, because there were only 4 students in that class....and I couldn't find any plans. So we sat and talked for the whole class....which made it go by really fast.

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