Tuesday, April 22, 2008

soooo sleeeepy........

Oh gee....where to start.

This weekend... Jesse and I drove home on Friday evening after I got home from work at Cracker Barrel. We got to my parents house and Jesse dropped me off...and he went to play basketball with Brian. I ate lasagna and a salad that my Mom made.

After dinner my Dad built a fire in their fire bowl and we sat around outside talking for awhile.

On Saturday morning Jesse woke up and went to the Y with Brian. I woke up and went shopping at South Ridge with my Mom. I bought 3 shirts, some pj's, and a bathing suit...YAY! I'm not totally in love with this bathing suit, but I like it... I think I'm gonna keep the tags on in case I find something that I like better. Or, I may just get 2 new bathing suits this year. I haven't had a new suit for at least 2 years, maybe longer!!

My Mom also bought me 2 new pairs of shoes....a really cute pair of brown dress shoes..and a pair of Ked's brown tennis shoe looking things. I decided that I have to start shopping at Shoe Carnival more now..cause they actually carry my size, 5 1/2!! YAY!

On Saturday night, Jesse and I went to Sarah and Jay's house to watch the UFC fight. We had a good time. We got there early so we could see Caylan before she went to bed. There were a lot of people there... (Me & Jesse, Bekah & Jeremy, Brian & Jessica, Sarah & Jay, Eric & Jackie, and Jay's friend, Josh.)

Sunday morning we went to church at Maranatha. Then we went back to my parents house for dinner, Lemon Pepper Chicken!

After that we went over to Brian and Jessica's and the boys dug up bushes from their front yard.

They were filthy!!

Then we all went over to Teays Valley so that we could meet up with Mike & Allyson and their whole family, including dogs. Sarah and Jay came too. The boys played basketball and soccer while the girls talked and the kids played on the playground.

On Monday Jesse and I made it back here to Winston.

Today has been tiring. I'm really sleepy now. I got to sleep in, went to Cracker Barrel from 11 to 2:30. I won the Strawberry Pecan Salad selling contest, so I got a free dinner. I got the Chile Jack Chicken and ate about 1/2 of it, even though I wasn't hungry. I didn't train today, but I'm training tomorrow and Thursday.

When I got home I did some laundry and ran on the treadmill... I went crazy today. I ran 5.64 miles in an hour. That's probably why I'm so tired now!

I took a shower..played around on facebook then went upstairs to watch Idol with Holli. I thought the 2 Davids were REALLY GREAT! I predict that Brooke and Jason will be in the bottom this week. I think its Brooke's turn to go home.

Now I'm gonna go get in the Law & Order: SVU and then go to sleep!!

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