Thursday, April 24, 2008

Country Roads..Take me Home!!

Ok... so the big news I've been talking about is that I'm having a babY!! hahaha...OK, just kidding. I AM NOT PREGNANT. It was a joke. Please don't ask me if I'm pregnant, cause I ain't.

The actual big news is that Jesse and I are moving back to WV!! WahoOO!

Jesse and I moved down here to Winston-Salem, NC because he and Lester were opening a branch of UA down here. Well, that didn't pan out the way it was planned...and UA kinda wen't downhill anyway. So a couple months ago they switched to begin selling major medical health insurance from Assurant. Well.. long story short, with Assurant they are able to work in WV. There is nothing here in NC that we are tied to... In fact, Jesse and Lester have 4 or 5 "employees" in WV and zero here. Soooo... with that being said...we are outta here!!

I had to wait to post anything about it until I told my parents. I didn't want them to find out from someone else.

ok....thats the future but for right now, I'm still here in NC.

I worked at Cracker Barrel today. I trained Heather again...which was good. I didn't make much money today though. :(

Jesse hasn't been feeling well.. He swears he has shingles. I called my mom (who had shingles a few years ago) and we determined that he doesn't have shingles. But...he feels achey all over, lethargic, he has a bad headache, an itchy rash on his belly, and a slight fever (99.5) So who knows.

I took a 30 min. nap when I got home... then I went to BB&T to get a form notarized to get my WV Teaching Certificate. We gave Holli a ride home from BB&T (where she works) because she lost her keys this morning..haha. She ended up finding them tonight in her end table.

I didn't run today. I just did a lot of weight stuff instead. It wore me out. haha! I'd rather run 5 miles then do that. Now my arms feel like jello.

Survivor was good. I'm glad they blindsided Jason!! He should have played the idol!

Now I gotta go get ready to sub tomorrow! I'm teaching US History and AP US History tomorrow! Tomorrow I'm sure I'll write about how it goes... for now, GOODNIGHT!

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Anonymous said...

YAY! I am so excited that you are coming back!