Wednesday, April 30, 2008

hehe...sneaky, sneaky

I'm being sneaky because... currently I am sitting in a classroom...watching 5 eighth graders type away at their computers. The teacher that I am subbing for left her computer logged on so today I can get online! YAY! The 8th graders here went on their eighth grade trip to the coast this morning. So I will only have a few 8th graders in 1st and 2nd period today. They are working on a research paper in MLA format and a keyboarding program called Microtype.

Oh my gosh...I am SO sore from doing that dang yoga video yesterday. I found that while I was doing it yesterday I seemed to be getting better at it. Anyway... I put more into it..and I guess that means I am currently getting more out of it. I know my back hurts, my arms hurt, my abs are sore and most of all, my butt hurts.

Here is my schedule for today

8th grade 1st period 7:39 - 8:24
2nd period 8:28-9:13
planning 9:13-9:42
7th grade 3rd period 9:46-10:31
4th period 10:35-11:20
Lunch/planning 11:20-12:17
6th grade 5th period 12:21 - 1:06
6th period 1:10 -1:55

After school is out today Jesse and I have to drive to some place an hour away to get new tires put on my car. I am really glad because I have been driving Jesse's car since my tires are so bald. I hate driving Jesse's car.

I guess I won't be exercising today since we have to go do that.

I'm sure I will be watching American Idol later. I think, I HOPE that Brooke White goes home tonight!!!

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