Friday, April 11, 2008

I survived my 1st sub job!

Yesterday was the 1st day I've missed a day blogging in a long time! But I have a good excuse.... on Thursday I was concerned about getting my junk and thoughts gathered for my 1st substitute teaching job that was today.

Cracker Barrel on Thursday may have been the slowest day I can remember EVER! I only had 2 tables in well over 2 hours. I was happy to be training.

When I got home we went over to the apartment's gym and I realized that its freakin' HOT in there..and I don't really like their treadmill. It doesn't have as bunch springy-bounce as mine. So I don't think I'll be going back there.

Thursday night Jesse and I watched "Things We Lost In The Fire." It was kinda different, but a pretty good movie. Its about dealing with death and addiction.

This morning I had to wake up really early. I went to North Forsyth High School which is about a 20 minute drive. The substitute website said that I should be there at 8:20 am. I thought that I should be there at 8 to get myself situated and stuff so I left early, 7:25 am in case of traffic. I stopped at a gas station and got some coffee and still made it there by 7:50.

After I made it into the classroom, I found out that 1st period didn't even start until 8:55!!

1st period was Art I and had 26 students. One loudmouth kid stood up and asked me what my name was... I say, "Mrs. Crouch," He says, "And your first name?" I say, "Erin, but..." He interrupts and says, "& your phone number?" haha....

The teacher left a boring, crappy, old video about M. C. Escher and afterwards the students had to complete a quiz on the video.

2nd period was Art 2 and had 20 students. It went pretty smooth except for 2 boys who asked me if they could go outside and skateboard.

2nd period was over at 12:06 pm and I didn't have another class until 2:11 pm. I talked to Jesse on my cell phone, ate lunch, and watched a little TV. The classroom got NBC, A&E, the Discovery channel, and some other public channels. I got to watch a little Cold Case Files and it made me happy even though I had already seen that episode.

4th period was Art 2 with 20 students, too. It was pretty good but there were 2 girls in there that I recognized from 1st period. I asked them why they were back and at 1st they said that they had Art I and Art II at the same time. I looked for their names on the roster from 1st and they weren't on I asked them why they weren't on both class lists. One said she just transferred to Art I and the other told me she came in there because her real 1st period wasn't doing anything. A few minutes later both girls came up to the desk and apologized for lying to know, once they figured they weren't going to get away with it. I still left a note for their teacher to let her know what they did.

4th period was cut short because they had to go to homeroom and get report cards. I left around 3:50. It was a pretty good day...a long day, but an easy day.

When I got home today I did my yoga video and cleaned the house quite a bit.. I still have more cleaning for tomorrow. I really should go get in the shower. I'm really sleepy!

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Anonymous said...

YAY for a good teaching day! and catching those girls in the act! haha I was praying for ya!