Saturday, April 26, 2008

chickenpox leftovers

I love Saturdays... I got to sleep in and just rest all day.

Well..actually I've been organizing and cleaning up my kitchen all day, but it was my choice!! I still need to run the vacuum cleaner and do some more laundry.

Jesse is still feeling really crappy. I didn't think that he had chickenpox, but I'm thinkin' now that he might. He still has the same symptoms but his fever is gone. His rash is looking worse...but I still don't know if it looks like chickenpox. Today there was a small little blister on one of the red spots which led me to believe that it could be chickenpox. His mom said that all 5 of her kids had them at the same time. She said that Jesse had them when he was around 4 years old. Well, maybe his initial case was really mild...I read on the Internet that sometimes people do get chickenpox twice. We've determined that it isn't shingles though.

If he's not feeling better by Monday.. I'm going to try to get him to go to the doctor. He's done nothing today but sleep.

Yesterday I went to West Forsyth High School and subbed for a social studies teacher named Mr. Bilton. It was a really good day. I had to cover for a different teacher during one of Mr. Bilton's planning periods. It was a Spanish 3 class....and there weren't any lesson plans at all!! A student said that when a sub came in to cover the class in the morning they found lesson plans that were all in Spanish!! The student said the sub got mad and ripped them up! hahaha....
What kind of a teacher leaves plans in Spanish? Since I didn't have any plans I told the students they could work on homework or have a free day.

In Mr. Bilton's class I had to take up homework, show a video, and then take up a fact sheet about the video. I had no problems whatsoever.

Friday night I ran on the treadmill and watched How I Met Your Mother again. It was great! :) I ran 2.75 miles w/o stopping. After that I took a shower, made Jesse and I some grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, then we watched Gone Baby Gone with Holli.

At around 11:15 we decided to make a midnight run to Walmart! We didn't get back home until around 1 am!

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Anonymous said...

If there is any chance that he has the chicken pox leave him down there in NC for a while! I have never had them!