Wednesday, April 23, 2008

another day at the barrel

Today was a decent day at CB. I trained a girl named Heather and she is a really hard worker...and that always helps. I stayed decently busy and made a little bit of money...YAY!

At around 2 I couldn't wait to go home, but the girl who was taking my spot on the floorplan called and said she was going to be late... so I had to stay until she got there. worked out because Jesse came in around 2:30 with Brian!! Brian was working in Raleigh so he drove over to see us! He and Jesse hit golf balls and hung out a little..and then came to CB. So I waited on them...and then I finally got to leave a little after 3.

So, I came home....and chatted with Brian for a few minutes until he had to leave.

Then I got on the treadmill and ran for an hour. Today I walked every other quarter mile at 4 to 4.5 mph and then ran the other on e at 8 mph. I went somewhere around 5.3 miles all together. The best part was that I got to watch How I Met Your Mother Season One on DVD while I ran!! It was great! I love that show and it was so cool not to have commercials while I ran. It made me really happy!

Tonight Holli, Jesse and I went to Monte De Rey and had dinner. I had a chicken quesadilla! YUM!

Then we watched American Idol. .. I cannot believe that Carly was the one voted off! I could not have predicted that one! But..Holli called it. She said that Carly would get voted off because she wasn't American.. Last week the Aussie was voted out..and this week the Irish chick. I think she might be right! I thought it should have been Brooke or Jason and they weren't even in the bottom 2! I guess people feel sorry for the people that screw up and vote for them.

Now I'm gonna go eat my leftovers from Monte De Rey! yes, at 11 pm, so what?

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