Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday..what a day

Its been a boring day around here. Its rainy here in Winston. Even my cat is lethargic...ok, lethargicER than normal.

I woke up and got a little house work done. Then I made some french toast for breakfast. :) Now I have been playing on the Internet for awhile and I'm kinda bored. Jesse is upstairs with Holli and Lester.

Yesterday I went to Kohl's and Target and I tried on about 20 bathing suits. I wasn't crazy about any of them but there were a few that I liked. I didn't use my 10 dollars Kohl's coupon yet....but its good until May 1st.

I ran in Michael's but they didn't have any of those little peg board things I wanted. Oh well.... Since I didn't buy anything in there I didn't see any reason to pull out my paint & crafty just X that offa my "to do list"

I did watch that movie yesterday. I did go to Wal-mart. I haven't gone to the library just yet...but I wasn't near there yesterday. I may go later if I'm still bored. I'd like to go to the Goodwill just to look around.

I wanted to go to the mall with Jesse tonight and maybe look for some more bathing suits...but I can't cause the stupid basketball games are on! BLAH!

Tonight I am making my own version of "Chile Jack Chicken" for dinner. Cracker Barrel just started it in a new promotion for the Spring. Its their grilled chicken tenderloins topped w/ grilled onions and green chiles. Then its topped with Monterrey Jack cheese and served with salsa on the side! I'm marinating some chicken now so that Jesse can grill it up later tonight! :) I think we are gonna have a salad with it.

Well... my head is lookin' pretty hideous right now.. so I think I'm gonna go try to make myself look respectable :)

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