Wednesday, April 16, 2008

another good sub day

Today... I got to sleep in. It was wonderful :)

I only did a half day of subbing today...I didn't have to be there until 11:20 am. I went to Lewisville Elementary and it was wonderful. It was a REALLY good school and the kids were great! There was an aide in the room which made things even easier.

I got there... they worked on a math worksheet...we went to lunch...they worked on another math worksheet....they watched a 2 movies about African & North American animals (they went to the zoo yesterday) ...then they packed up their stuff...they had recess...and they left. I had to do bus duty which kinda stunk cause one of the buses was I didn't get to leave until 3 and school was really over at 2:24. But I spent the time talking to a lady and she ended up asking for my "sub card".. like a business card with my sub ID# so they can request me. She said that her mom was best buds with the Art teacher I was happy!

Then I got home... Jesse and I took Kitsy out for a little walk.

After that I got on the treadmill...and I went over 4.25 miles..but I did 3.5 miles without stopping! YAY! Tomorrow I'm going for 4 miles!! Not really, anytime I say that I always wimp out. I think its a mental thing. I do a lot better if I don't put any requirements on myself.

After running and shower, Jesse and I had dinner and then watched We Own the Night. It was good. It wasn't great, but good. I loved Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the Line, but I haven't really liked him in anything else, this movie included.

I just finished watching the American Idol results..and Kristy Lee Cook is gone. Shes not the best...and I'm not surprised shes gone, but I'm a little sad, because I liked her. I would have rather seen Syesha go.

I gotta go to Cracker Barrel tomorrow and I'm supposed to be training, fun....

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