Monday, April 14, 2008

Kitsy Loves Walks!

Today I went to good ol' Cracker Barrel from 11 to 3:30 pm. I changed my availability so that I no longer work there on Mondays. I did that so I can take sub jobs on Mondays, it seems like everyone wants Monday off. :o)

When I got done with work I walked out the doors and checked my phone. Jesse had called twice, left a voicemail, and sent me a text. He wanted me to try to give away my shift for tomorrow because he got me a really good sub job... AP English at West Forsyth High School, which is about 5 minutes from our apartment. I was a little mad at him at first for accepting a job on my behalf...but it was a REALLY good job. Those don't come up on the sub website very often, so I had to forgive him...and call in to Cracker Barrel to tell 'em that I won't be coming to work tomorrow. Last Friday I was nervous about going to my 1st sub job, this time I'm really just excited!

Right now my Kitsy is sitting by the door and meowing..wanting to go outside for a walk. Yes, I put my cat on a leash and take her for walks... She doesn't love the leash so much, but she LOVES to go outside. I can't wait until we buy a house with a screened in porch because she will never leave the porch.

<--this is a picture of my kitty on her leopard print leash.

After Kitsy's little walk I started cooking.. baked ziti, crescent rolls, and salad. After dinner Jesse said, "Thank you for dinner. I would have paid 10 or 12 dollars for that meal" I thought that was really sweet!

I didn't run or do any videos today because I had to stop at the FoodLion on my way from work...and I didn't get home until late. By the time I got home Jesse was already ready for me to cook dinner.....but anyway...after dinner I used some hand weights and worked out my arms.

I just got finished watching "How I Met Your Mother" which is my favorite TV show. Now I guess I'm gonna go get my lunch packed for tomorrow! WiSh mE lUcK!!!

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