Tuesday, April 8, 2008

our lunch special today is meatloaf...

Cracker Barrel was ok today. Of course I trained Bronwyn today and I do think it helped make the day go by faster.

I tried to go online and search for some information on the school I'm going to on Friday. At first I got really excited because their website was nice and had lots of info. I even found the Art teacher's schedule! ... haha, but it was in Georgia! I searched again and found now I'm depressed.

I ran today, but I changed it up a little. Jesse and Lester were going over to the "gym" at the apartment complex. So, I went over there too. I ran 3 miles on their treadmill and then I got on a recumbent bike for 15 minutes of pure torture. After that I did a little bit with the weights.

We had taco salad for dinner and it was sooo yummy. I could eat taco salad everyday!!

I tried to watch American Idol upstairs at Holli and Lester's house. BUT, Jesse had the remote and he kept changing the chanel over to the Biggest Loser even when people were singing. I got mad and came back downstairs to watch it by myself. grrrrr......... David Archuletta was good. I even thought that Kristy Lee was good. I don't know who to predict will be in the bottom 3 this week. We shall see!!

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