Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It was a very long weekend. We had MLK Jr. Day off, of course...and Friday was a snow day.

Friday night I went shopping at the Town Center with my Mom. I found 2 pairs of boots (which are very hard to find in a size 5 1/2!) and Mom bought them for me.

We had dinner at Bob Evan's. I had a Wildfire Chicken Salad. YUM! Even though my waitress never brought my dressing!

On Saturday, Jesse and I went down to the Bob Evan's at the Barboursville Mall and met Cassie there for breakfast. I had those delicious Multigrain pancakes again. They are MY FAV!! We had a good time talking to Cassie. On the way home we stopped at Walmart and did the grocery shopping.

After that... I didn't do much of anything and was pretty much bored all day. was snowy. We decided not to brave the weather and watched church on the internet instead. Then the weather cleared and we went to Mom and Dad's for dinner.

Later Sunday night we went to Mike and Alyson's house to watch the Steelers game....and to see the new baby. Shes cute! :) and shes got a lot of hair. I played with Emma. She had some fashion designing thingie and she was so excited to have me draw some clothes. She said that we needed to start a business, "Crouch Designs." hahaha.

Monday... it was snowy again. It would have been a snow day if we had had school scheduled for the day. I woke up and actually ran on the treadmill while I watched Rachel Ray! (only about 4 miles) Lately my knee has been hurting when I run. :(

After that... I got ready and made a quick trip to Walmart. I needed laundry detergent. Then, I cooked a TON. I made soup to take for my lunch this week. I cooked the taco meat for dinner on Tuesday night AND I cooked dinner last night, which was chicken w/ garlicy pasta.

But, tonight... Jessica is coming over to workout with me. I wanted dinner to be all I have to do is throw together the salads for taco salad.

This morning.... I woke up when Kitsy was scratching at the door to the bathroom. I looked around....something felt strange!... I looked at the clock.. IT WAS 7:30! I usually leave the house at 7:15. OMG!!

So I called the school, and told them I was going to be late.... I managed to leave the house right around 8 am. I didn't make it to school until around 8:25. No big deal though. Mrs. Paugh (the librarian) came in to watch my homeroom until I got there.

I still don't know what happened to my cell phone. I set the alarm to repeat every M-F at 6 am. Sometimes I'll turn it off on accident but on those days I usually wake up with it in the bed or under the pillow or something. Today it was laying on the dresser, just where I left it. The alarm said it was on. It wasn't on Silent or vibrate.

I always set another alarm, too...just in case. I checked it last night to make sure it was on. It didn't go off either!!! Its a mess. I'm going to be afraid to go to sleep tonight!

I think I'm going to bake some snickerdoodles tonight. I made some on Saturday but they burned on the bottom. The ones that didn't burn were good.

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