Saturday, January 3, 2009

new blogger template

I was SO sick of looking at that old template. I'm really excited that I found this one. It really suits me. It may be here for awhile.

I also added a little picture slideshow so all you out there can see what I look like now. Kitsy and Jesse are in a few of my pictures too... along with a couple of my neices.

Today was a lazy day. I woke up late...and just layed in bed. Jesse tried to watch Tropic Thunder but he said he couldn't finish it because it was so stupid.

I moped around the house. Played on the internet (thats when I changed my blogger stuff) and then decided to work out. I did a Jillian DVD from Netflix...and then I tried a Yoga video but it was beyond boring.

After a shower I headed to Walmart where the lines were 4 miles long. I almost read a whole issue of Shape while I was in line. Well, ok... I just skimmed it.

I just finished putting the groceries away and now I'm about to bake some cookies. Jesse called me from Ty's house and said he wanted some cookies. I haven't eaten that much today... so I'm all for it! So... gotta go find some recipes!

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