Tuesday, January 13, 2009

short update

oh my gosh..this makes 3 posts in one day!

I didn't want anyone getting mad at me for possibly having strep around all the little children at I wanted to make sure that everyone knew that my throat feels much, much better now. Hopefully it was just sore from a little phlegm drainage or something while I slept last night (although it started hurting last night, hmmm? IDK) Oh, the things I write about on here. Sometimes its embarrassing, but... its life! Life ain't always pretty.

Also... Big News that I forgot to write about earlier!! My sister-in-law had a baby today! I am the new aunt to Leah Alyson Crouch! Wahoo! I'll write more about that later, cause I don't really know anything yet.

Jessica did not come workout with me tonight. I'm done with her. booooooooooo! more great thing about today is..... AMERICAN IDOL starts! yippee! I can't wait. So I gotta go take a shower to be sure and be ready at 8 to watch. Jesse just called and he's on his way home. Its a rare night tonight cause I am NOT cooking for once! Jesse is gonna stop and pick up a pizza for us. I'm being bad. I said I was going to try to only eat 2 slices. But... I'll probably end of eating 3. Seems like thats what always happens.

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