Saturday, January 31, 2009

I finally dug out!

Today the weather cleared and I finally was able to get out. Cassie sent me a message on facebook and asked if I had any plans on Saturday. Of course, I didn't.
So we went to Charleston with her. One of her cheerleader buddies had a baby in CAMC Women's and Childrens hospital. So we sat in the waiting room while she visited the baby.

Then we went to the Charleston Town Center for a little bit. We had some Chic-fil-a, which was good! Then when we were on the way home...driving on the interstate...Cassie was driving and a truck in front of us slammed his brakes. Cassie barely missed hitting it...then we got plowed in the back by a Buick Skylark!!

Judging by the sound of the crash, I assumed the trunk was smushed in. Really though, there was very minimal damage to Cassie's car. We were just sitting there on the edge of the interstate. It was kinda scary. Everytime a semi drove by the car shook! This is when I snapped these photos.

After that got all straightened out we headed over to Brian & Jessica's house. We played Cassie's Wii & her Wii Fit. It was pretty cool. I liked the Wii Fit. I was pretty good at the yoga stuff, although I was TERRIBLE at the games.

On the way out of their house, I fell down their snow-covered steps. I didn't hurt myself, don't worry. I hate the snow. Its supposed to be really warm tomorrow. I hope it heats up and melts this nasty, dirty snow.

Tomorrow we are going to Jesse's brothers house to watch the Superbowl. I'll probably spend a lot of time playing with the babies :)

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