Saturday, August 9, 2008

outside all day!

I can't believe the last time I blogged was Wednesday. This week went by really fast.

On Thursday I didn't have to work because I had a doctor's appointment. I was so happy because it was scheduled at 3:20 and I was done by 4!

On Friday I wasted my time at Cracker Barrel from 9 to 3. After work Jesse and I went for a long walk around Hurricane...and then I made a huge dinner...Lemon Pepper Salmon, Cheesy Baked Squash, Sauteed Fresh Green Beans, and Wild Rice with mushrooms. YUMMY! After dinner I attempted to make a Cinnamon Coffee Cake with a light recipe. It was edible.

Saturday morning I woke up early (9 am) and did some research on places that I want to go in DC next week!!

Then around 11 I went on a run outside. I really hauled booty and didn't even stop once. I went around different neighborhoods this time (which are very hilly!) so I have no idea how far I went. But I made it home in 40 minutes and I went pretty fast so I guess that I went at least 4 miles.

From 2 to 4 pm I sat out on our back deck and read my newest James Patterson book, When the Wild Blows. Its kinda crazy. Its about a little girl with wings who can fly. But its really good. The weather was SO nice today so I sat out there forever...and now I'm slightly sunburned.

At 6 Jesse and I went to a little get-together party for one of his old friends, Mark, who lives in Dayton now and is getting ready for his 5th tour of duty in the Middle East. We were there so long that it got dark and I got cold (which may have had something to do with my sunburn)

Now I'm watching the Olympics.

Tomorrow we are going to church and then to my Aunt Jo's house in Hometown for a cookout. That should be fun :?

On Monday after work I'm going to hang out with Cassie and go to her ZUMBA class.

and on Tuesday...we are leaving for DC!

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