Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monday Night Power

Yesterday....on my way home from Cracker Barrel I called Jesse (like I always do) and he told me that his mother had 14 free tickets for the WV Power game in Charleston.

Jessica had already texted me to tell me that she couldn't come work out tonight (too much homework) so I came right on the treadmill...and ran 4.2 miles...then jumped into the shower.

At 6:30 Jesse's brother Jeremy picked us up and off we went to my first ever Power game. I'll have to admit.. I wasn't thrilled about watching baseball for 3 hours, but it wasn't that bad. :) The kids...Braylan, Amiya, Haleigh, and Jonathan kept me well as the fun promotional stuff the ball park did. Also...the ball flying past our heads kinda kept me watching the game. It almost smacked Amiya in the forehead...thank God it missed her!

When we got home I was beat... I only had time to watch the last 10 minutes of The Mole...shower (again)....and then I read a bit of a new James Patterson book (When the Wind Blows) until I got really sleepy.

Again.. I just ate some oatmeal and now its getting to be almost time for me to head to CB. Wish me luck!

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