Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i'm addicted!

Today I woke up and ran in the morning again. It was nice...not as nice as Saturday morning, but still good. I ran over 6 miles this time.

After that I basically wasted the day playing on Scrapblog (As you can probably tell from my Blog!! haha!) I am crazy IN LOVE with that site! Its so fun for me! hahaha....I'm sure I'll get over it eventually. As for right now...I'm addicted. I keep thinking up more things to scrapblog!

I had to work at CB tonight... from 5 to 9. It wasn't that bad, except I kept getting the crappiest tips...AND I had a table of three STIFF me on a 45 dollar check! Plus they left their stupid cell phone on the table and I had to carry it out to them...and they said, "OH thank you!" and I wanted to say, "YOUR NOT WELCOME!" I'm frustrated with waiting tables. blah. I had $216 in sales, but I only made 26 dollars...thats $6.50 an hour....thats not worth my (5 dollar round trip) drive to B'ville.

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