Wednesday, August 27, 2008

rainy day

Today was a rainy yucky day as the remnants of "Fay" passed over our area. It must have made for some good sleeping weather because I slept til 10:45! I turned off my alarm in my sleep, I guess cause I don't remember doing it.

When I got up... I did my Legs workout DVD....and then showered and took over 3 bid sheets to Putnam County Board of Education. The first two were for 2 long-term sub jobs (in Biology and Social I'm a longshot for those) and the other one was for an Adult Community Education class. That one only pays 15 dollars an hour, but I thought it was worth a shot. I'm assuming that it would be after school hours. It didn't say where it was going to be held or how many hours a week or anything... so who knows.

After that I went to Kroger and bought a butt-load of boneless, skinless chicken breasts as it was on sale for $1.99 a pound.

Then Jesse and I went over to Sarah's (his sister)house and talked to her about what she wants me to paint on her little girls bedroom walls. I am going to paint a cute little mural of a picket fence and flowers and butterflies and stuff. :) Its going to be fun. I'm going to go over there tomorrow after my Putnam Co. Sub interview. I don't know how much I'm going to get done...its gonna be on 2 pretty big walls.

I'm sure I'll post some pictures of the process...and the finished result on here eventually.

Now... I better get to bed cause I gotta wake up a lot earlier than 10:45 tomorrow!

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