Monday, August 18, 2008

waiting.....just waiting.

So here I am.... just sitting around the house, trying to forget the fact that I am waiting to hear back about that teaching job. I was really hoping that I'd hear from them today, but NO.

Tommorow I hope!

I went to Cracker Barrel this morning....and it was decently busy. I made about 50 bucks from 11 to 4....and I got to leave right at 4 which is rare. My friend, Whitney, was there with me so I was happy! :)

When I got home I did the treadmill thing... 5 miles...and then I cooked dinner....chicken fajitas.

Now, I've just been sitting around.... I actually am starting another blog. (we'll see if it lasts) Its about running and eating right and all that crap. Its called Triumph over the Treadmill.

I'm so happy right now...because I don't have to work tomorrow! YAY! Ive decided that if I find out that I get the job.....I am going SHOPPING tomorrow!!

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