Monday, August 4, 2008

just another monday

Well I had a very nice relaxing weekend.

On friday night I made my pizza

On saturday Jesse and I just kinda hung around the house. I got up and ran outside..and then I made some breakfast. I've tried to make pancakes from scratch a few times and they've never turned out that well...,but this time they were delicious!!

I got the recipe from and its called Truck Stop Buttermilk Pancakes! I only made 4 servings and it was great! I saved the batter in the refridgerator and made the rest on Sunday morning!

On Sunday afternoon we went to Amiya's 4th Birthday party which was at Billy Bob's again. Billy Bob must really love us. :) After all those festivities...we went to Jesse's mom's house and I played with Braylan and Amiya for awhile. We played with playdough and we did some artsy stuff. Then we went for a walk.

On the way back home Jesse and I went to Taco Bell cause we were starving! I love their new Fresco menu with the fat and calories listed right on the menu!! I've ordered off there a few times and its always been really good. BUT....last night I order the fresco-style ranchero chicken soft taco...and they forgot to make it fresco style!!! I'm afraid to look at their website and see how many calories I consumed. Oh well.

This morning I gotta be at work at 11. I just ate some oatmeal and now I think I'm gonna have to go get busy getting dressed and ready to go.

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