Wednesday, August 5, 2009

sooo much paperwork...

Today I had to wake up early and go to WHS to a CE training on Substance Abuse. It wasn't that boring..haha. It actually was better than I had anticipated because I got to chat with Amanda and Kim, two of the teachers I worked with last winter at Poca Middle!

That was over around 11:30 and then I went upstairs to work in my classroom for a bit. I tried to hook up the projector to my computer. I got that to work, even though I need a longer cord to get it set up right. Then I tried to open the Powerpoint presentation on my computer from my USB stick....well, I was out of luck because my stinkin' computer is SO OLD that it won't install my drivers from the USB!! AHHHHH! I need neeed neeeeeed a new computer ASAP!

After that I stopped by my mom and dad's house for a few minutes. My dad is looking at maybe getting a new job.... which would mean that I wouldn't be working with him at WHS, but I think he would be happier. Putnam Co. might be making a new new full-time positions for Athletic Trainers (because they can't keep people as it is because they pay diddly-squat) So, if they do that he is going to try to get the job at Buffalo High School. We shall see.

Then I had to stop by the Board Office to pick up my benefits package. I had to fill out a billion forms....but pretty soon I'm going to have life insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance. I had to fill out a bunch of other stuff too. I even got a Heavenly Ham menu order form that I had to fill out for my CE training day on August 20th. :) I'm gonna get a Zesty Roast Beef Sandwich, an Apple, Double Chocolate Carmel Cookie, and a Diet Coke. :) I'm looking forward to that!

I watched the So You Think You Can Dance finale show tonight, of course. I have to say that, like Nigel, I was most impressed with Brandon and Jeanine. I can't really say who's going to win...I'm tempted to say Brandon, but..... a black muscly guy won last year and it would be good for a girl to win this year!! We'll see tomorrow!

Which one will it be??

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