Sunday, August 16, 2009

open house day

After church this morning I went to my mom and dads like always. My mom made lasagna and we had chocolate chip cheesecake for dessert.

At 2 Dad and I had to leave to go to school for the Open House. There were quite a few freshman and parents there, but I didn't really get too many visitors. For some reason the air conditioning in my hallway was off...or hadn't been on very long...or was having problems...or something. It. Was. Hot.

I was wearing a really cute dress that Mom just bought for me and I was sweating like a pig. I put on facebook that I sweated like a fat kid at summer camp. I had to continually fan myself to be able to stand it. Then, I walked out into the main hallway and a teacher said her classroom was so cold that her ears hurt! So I guess it was just my hallway! :( My hair went flat and yucky and my face was all shiny...NASTY!

Tomorrow I'm gonna go to the library and to Elder Beerman to get some Clinique face soap for Jesse.... I've gotta work out...and I have some things to work on for school. Over the next three days, I'm going to try to clean my house from top to bottom. I may not get the chance to clean it really well for awhile.

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