Saturday, August 8, 2009

pizza & a movie!

Today was a really great day! It started out nice...I slept in. Then I made myself some of my favorite pancakes! (yes, with peanut butter!!) Then I sat in a oversized green chair that is in our family room with a cup of coffee and a blanket and I read....and read...and read. I'm not sure how long I read, but now I'm almost finished with The Good Thief. I really love it so far!! Its almost like reading an old classic novel. Its a lot like Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, and Tom Sawyer. I can't wait to finish!

After that, Jesse's sister, Mary stopped by with her 3 kids. Jaiden, her youngest and only son, needed a hair cut and Jesse has been buzzing it lately with his clippers. So, they did that...and I sat on my bed with Braylan and Amiya and read some books to them.

After they left we went to Walmart to get a few things and a DVD from the redbox. When we got home I worked out. I did another Jari Love video, this time it was Ripped: To The Core.

I really gave my shoulders a GOOD workout today. I'll probably be sore tomorrow.

After working out I cooked dinner. Jesse said he wanted one of my homemade pizzas again, so I made that. We just had one on Tuesday night, but.... hey, they are tasty!!

After dinner we watched the DVD we got earlier. It was Obsessed. It was a pretty decent movie. I can't say that Beyonce was the best actress I've ever seen, but she wasn't terrible and she got to kick a little booty...which I think Jesse enjoyed. hahaha. and then heading to my Mom and Dad's house as always :)

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