Saturday, August 22, 2009

should I do it????

I've been getting really sick of my hair lately. Its just so b.l.a.h. I'm going to call my hair lady (I go to Bev at Unique Designs in Eleanor) on Monday and set up an appointment. I'm considering doing something slightly drastic...ok, its really drastic for me since I've not really changed my hairstyle since 4th grade (and trust me, that was a mistake! haha I wish I had a photo of my 4th grade bowl cut to post!)

What I want is something similar to a pob. A pob is what they call Victoria Beckham's hairstyle a.k.a. a posh bob...shortened to just pob. Some websites call it an "inverted bob," too. These photos look really good, but I don't know if I'm brave enough to go this short. So what I was thinking was more like a longer version of the pob.

More like in this photo of Kelly Clarkson. I really like this one. I like this next photo of Hayden Panettiere, too. Except I do not want bangs. I don't want to deal with bangs. And this one is a little short too.

I don't know!!! The more I look at these photos, the more I think cutting my hair short could be a big mistake. Although, its not the end of the world. Hair grows back. It might be worth a try....but its so scary!!

Maybe I'll think of something else...a different hairstyle thats not so drastic.
Maybe...more like this.

<---I like this one!! :) hmm...I wonder if this one is long enough to still get in a pony tail? I think it probably is. :) This one may be a winner.

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