Sunday, June 7, 2009

perfect weather day

The forecast for this whole week says Shattered Thunderstorms every single day. It was a little cloudy when we woke up this morning, but by 11 most of the clouds were gone. It was a PERFECT day for laying on the beach. There was a nice little breeze. There was plenty of sunshine, but it wasn't the least bit hot. I didn't even sweat. I only got in the ocean once.
Jesse and Brian passed football while Jessica and I sat in the sun and read. I looked up to see all three of them looking around in the sand. I wondered what they were doing, but I just went back to my book. The next time I looked up...they were STILL looking around in the sand. I went to find out what they was Brian's wedding band!!! That's a big ouchie! They looked and looked and looked. No luck.
So, Brian and Jessica left ...went to the Bass Pro Shop and bought a 6o dollar metal detector. Within 5 minutes of searching, he found it!! It was crazy.
After laying in the sun we ate some lunch...and then Brian and Jesse went to work out at this big Fitness Center here at our complex. Jessica and I went downstairs to a little fitness center in our hotel. Its really nice (Jesse and I worked out there yesterday, too)
After that... back to the hotel room for a bit...and then we ordered Domino's Pizza for dinner. We spent the rest of the evening combing the beach. Brian and Jesse took turns using the metal detector. They found a bunch of rusty screws and a pack of JuicyFruit.
I'm hoping that tomorrow is as nice as today!

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