Tuesday, June 2, 2009

its already been a long week

Maybe its because I'm looking forward to the weekend even more than normal...or maybe its because I'm trying to eat as few carbs as possible...but either way, its been a long week and its only tuesday! This Saturday we are going to Myrtle Beach!! Brian and Jessica are going with us...and I'm really excited about it! YAY!

Brian called Jesse tonight and asked if he would want to leave on Friday night instead of Saturday morning...and we are going to stay in Asheboro, NC :) YAY! This means I probably won't have to drive! I hate driving.

Yesterday I subbed at Winfield Middle School. It was a CRAZEEEE day. I was supposed to sub for an 8th grade language arts teacher. However, when I got there she was there and said that they didn't really need me to sub for her. I wondered if they would send me home...but they had me go to the VP's office. She asked me to go to the library and watch 4 ISS students in there. They had so many kids in ISS that they wouldn't fit in their normal room.

So. I loved that. The kids just sat there and worked...and I played on the computer. It was great.


a little after lunch the principal came in and asked me to go to Mrs. Runion's classroom. Unfortunatly... Mrs. Runion is the BD teacher! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

It was crazy insane in there. I can't go into all the stuff that they did and do because of confidentiality crap, but...take my word for it....those kids need a severe beating.

Today I had a super easy day. I was again at Winfield Middle but this time I was the Health teacher. The 8th graders weren't there because they were at Step-up day and a class picnic. And 2/3's of the 7th graders were at Field day outside. So, it was a very nice and easy day of watching Health videos.

Tomorrow I'm subbing for a 7th grade math teacher. fun fun fun. Almost done now..... 3 more days and I'll be on my way to the beach!

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