Friday, June 5, 2009

8 hours and counting....

I've got less than 8 hours to leave for the beach! We are driving half way (or so) down this evening...and staying in a hotel. Then tomorrow we'll drive the rest of the way to Myrtle Beach! YAY! I'm really looking forward to laying around in the sun, reading, hanging out with Brian & Jessica, and eating good food!!

I still have some stuff to get ready today... So, I guess I'm going to go work on that. I haven't subbed since Wednesday at GWMS. That will be my last day subbing EVER! I'm so so so so happy that I don't have to do that again! Its not that bad, but it gets really really old.

I called Cracker Barrel on Wednesday to see if I could get started working there the week of the 15th. They have a new GM now...and she said that I have to be available for nights and weekends (as in Friday nights, Saturday nights, and Sundays all day) to be "rehired." Even though they MADE me quit. I was kinda upset about that, but I think Jesse will be getting a job soon. So, it should be ok. Jesse said that I can take some time off and work on getting my stuff ready for next year!

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