Monday, June 8, 2009

wardrobe malfunction

Today...was a lot like yesterday. It was beautiful! Today was a little warmer....but there was still a nice breeze and it wasn't too hot. We went out to the beach around 10:30. Brian and Jessica set up a large pavillion tent-like thingie so that we could have some shade. It was nice.

I finished reading The Host today. It was really good. I was getting up to get a new book out of my bag when.... the plastic hook on the back of my bikini top broke. Yeah, thats right. My top flew off....well, not off really, because it has a tie-on halter top, but was frightening!! Luckily part of the plastic hook stayed attached, so we were able to make it make due until we went back upstairs for lunch.

After lunch, Jesse and I went to the pool in front of our hotel. We sat under an umbrella and took naps :) Then we went to the gym. 2 nights here and we've already worked out 3 times!

For dinner tonight we went to Chili's. We ate texas cheesefries for an appetizer. Then we had steak & chicken fajitas for our meal....and we topped it all off with a molten chocolate cake.

I can't believe I ate all that!! I also can't wait until I get to do it again tomorrow! hahaha. After dinner we walked around Broadway at the Beach.... then came back home to the hotel. I'm hoping for a 3-peat of wonderful weather tomorrow!

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