Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I <3 Summer!

Today I'm just hanging out. I don't have any real plans. I can do whatever I want....or NOT do anything at all. This is why I <3 Summer!

Yesterday Cassie came to our house for a visit. We went to the Valley Park and ran/walked around the trails. Then we went back to my house and we did half of a Jillian Michaels DVD. After that we went to Winfield to Brian and Jessica's house. AND....we laid out in the sunshine and jumped in the pool when we got hot. It was REALLY hot yesterday!!

Cassie left a little after that...and I cooked PIZZA for dinner. It was good as usual, but I forgot to toss some wheat germ or corn meal down on the pan and the crust stuck to the bottom a little. Then we went to Kroger because they had chicken and cheese on we stocked up. We also bought 6 Pepsi 2-liters cause they have a sale on those too. They ended up being 84 cents each.

I'm not sure why but I stayed up late last night. I was looking at teaching materials for next year. I think I finially went to bed around 1:40 am.

This morning I woke up when a lady from Marshall Grad. College called me at 9 am. After that I couldn't really sleep, but Kitsy came in the bed and cuddled with I stayed for a little while. When she got up, I made breakfast. We had turkey sausage and vanilla protein whole wheat pancakes...and I swear, they are delicious!!

Now I'm going to go find some way to spend my day!

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