Thursday, June 11, 2009

last day and i'm pissed

hahaha... ok, I'm not really pissed, but I'm sad that the vacation is over. Its been really really fun though! :)

Today Jessica and I headed out to the pool early. I was out at 9:3o am! I laid out with Jessica on this great deck in front of the Hilton. It looks out onto the beach. You can see the ocean...and its right by a large dune. Crazy lizards kept jumping up onto the deck from the dunes. They could blow bubbles in their necks and they could change color!
Jessica left pretty early, before noon, to go to the Aquarium with Brian. Jesse sat with me for awhile. We went for a walk on the beach....then Jesse went upstairs and I stayed out there until 2. I finished reading Uglies and today I started a book called Graceling by Kristin Cashore. So far...I like it!! Its different because its about a place with 7 kingdoms and 7 kings. Its almost like its old fashioned because they ride horses and its kinda medieval, but its kinda like sci-fi too. Certain people are called Gracelings because they are born with a Grace, or a gift. They are exceptionally gifted in one area. The book is about a girl named Katsa whos gift is killing.

After that I went to the gym. Then I got prettied up a bit and we went to dinner at Salsarita's. Its a place, kinda like Moe's or Qdoba or Chipotle. We dont have any of those places back home, so I'm glad we got the chance to eat there. It was pretty good.

After dinner we went to the Tanger Outlet Stores that are near our hotel. I bought a bunch of stuff....first I got a new bikini in Aeropostale. I guess I needed to replace the one that broke the other day. Its cute...its white with bright blue polka dots. I bought a green sweater in the Gap. I bought a green t-shirt, brown tank top, a pair of running shorts, and two pairs of flipflops from OldNavy. Jesse got a pair of shorts from Aeropostale...but he'll probably take them back because they don't fit right.

Of course tonight I watched the results show of SYTYCD. I was happy with the 2 sent home. I can't wait til next Wednesday now!! I love that show.
Tomorrow we gotta drive home. I'm mad about it. I hate driving. hate it. hate. it.

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