Sunday, April 19, 2009

whats new?

So.. I've been on Spring Break this whole week..and its been lovely.   Although, I can admit now that I'm actually ready to get back to normal.  I function much better when I have a schedule.  Not having to do anything breeds not doing anything.  Strangely I get much more accomplished when I work than when I have nothing to do.   I even work out harder and more regularly.
Anyway...  On Wednesday Jesse took me to the Huntington Mall.  I'm glad that we went because Jesse got himself a nice new pair of Adidas running shoes.  I got a new bikini!!  I like to buy bathing suits early because it seems if you wait too long that they are all picked over...and you can't find the one you want in your size, etc.  So, I went ahead and got a new bathing suit.....and it was buy one piece, get the 2nd for 88 cents! :)  I also got a new pair of khaki pants for 15 dollars at NY&Co.  
Thursday and Friday are a blur now. I think I spent most of my time reading.  I found a GREAT book called The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  It is probably one of the very best books I have ever read.  I love it...Its actually the first book of a trilogy and now I'm just counting the days til book 2 (Catching Fire) is released in September!  I think I might actually have to buy it because if I check it out at the library I'll have to wait EVEN LONGER!
I think it was on Friday evening when Jesse started looking on for hotel deals in Myrtle Beach.  I don't know if you know anything about hotwire, but they won't tell you the name of the hotel until you book.  So, Jesse gets obsessed with trying to figure out exactly which hotel it is.  This is what happened when we went on our Washington DC trip last August.  So.... he figured it out again!  We are going to stay at the North Myrtle Beach Hilton in June.  I can't wait!! The last day of school for me will be on June 5th and then we will leave on June 6th!       
Here are some photos of the hotel!
Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort: The other oneHilton Myrtle Beach Resort: One of the poolsHilton Myrtle Beach Resort: Oceanfront barHilton Myrtle Beach Resort: Hilton from the beachHilton Myrtle Beach Resort: Balcony View of Hilton PoolsHilton Myrtle Beach Resort: Awesome kids water area.Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort: picture of the pool side cabanasHilton Myrtle Beach Resort: picture of the resort from the south pool

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